Although the main focus at our summer camp is language, our main concern is safety.

In this sense, the fact that we have a permanent team of staff becomes a real asset. The safety of children is of course certified by approvals, inspections and training. But for us, it’s not simply a matter of filling in the forms or successfully passing an inspection. Sharing in our own ethics, our managers and leaders are true professionals, and in everyday life this is what makes the difference at our camp.

Our private grounds are rural but not isolated, and as a castle we are surrounded by huge walls. Our site is closed to the public at all times, in order to remain secure and to ensure that our students enjoy their stay without interruption.

Our main activity – a centre for British schools throughout the year – means our team is in constant effect. All year, there are children on site. It is therefore in our staff culture to consider safety at the forefront of everything we do. Our work lies well beyond a simple story of a few weeks in the summer with an occasional hired team.

Our team at Ford Castle is established, permanent and loyal: running the activity centre is a way of life for them.

English Summer Camps - Security English Summer Camps - Security