Contact During the Stay

For information on the progress of your child’s camp, we have several options:

    • Our Facebook page. Like us on Facebook for photos and videos updated daily


    • Our Twitter page. Follow us on Twitter at @FordCastleFun and @FunEnglishTrips for brief updates throughout the day


    • Email: If you prefer to speak to your child or give them a personal message, you can send as many emails as you like to your child at


    • Telephone: We have a phone on which you can contact your child during the stay. We will give you the number when booking. It is best to call before or after meal times, however we are very flexible. Your child has the right to telephone you whenever he/she wishes.  In case of emergency: prior to arrival we will give you a phone number to reach us 24/7 for use in case of an emergency


    • For peace of mind: Our teams are used to helping children overcome moments of homesickness. However, if you feel in a letter or phone call that you child is not enjoying their stay, do not hesitate to call the director, we can help your child with their problem.