Arrival and Departure


Normally at the airport you will have left your child with an accompanying adult from Ford Castle, one of its agents or a representative of the airline. We will inform you of your child’s arrival in England ourselves, or via the contact agent.

Your child will be collected by bus or car with one of our leaders, and welcomed to the UK to begin their adventure. At the Castle, we will safely store your child’s passport and travel documents until the time of their departure.

What documents will I need?
Remember to pack the documents needed for registration (if you have not yet sent them), a folder including health record, proof of medical insurance, certificate of liability insurance and 25m swimming certificate.

Can I bring my child myself?
Of course! You are welcome to bring your child to Ford Castle, where we will provide refreshments and a castle tour, including the dungeon if you like…


At the end of each stay a short report will be provided to show your child’s progress in English, identifying strengths and weak points for improvement on their next visit.

Children are dropped off at the airport by bus or car with a leader who will accompany them through customs. For children who are travelling with a companion, our host will travel alongside them, ensuring passage through customs and onto the aircraft.