Low Ropes Course


Fear of heights?  No problem

by Crystal Booth

  Low Ropes
It’s not that we don’t have enough outdoor activities already at Ford, but we’ve just installed a new low ropes course for the heck of it and as a fresh challenge for you to explore too, of course.So why have a low ropes course if we already have high ropes I hear you ask. Well, here are just a few reasons:
  • There’s no need for specialist safety equipment as it’s less than half a metre off the ground
  • This type of course suits a variety of abilities and ages
  • It’s a great confidence-building exercise
  • Try Zig and Zag or the Balance Beams for yourself; they’re great fun!

An assault course should also have been in place by now, delayed unfortunately, due to the (somewhat inclement!) weather, but that will be built shortly. So, assuming you need them; there are now two new, and rather exiting reasons to come and visit us.  We hope you continue to enjoy the improvements we are making.

A big thanks to HangFast Adventure Structures for building our new courses in some fairly challenging conditions.




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