Educational Project

Ford Castle
Ford Castle is operated by the Chateau Beaumont Group. We have been running school trips and residentials for young people for 15 years and we seek to promote access to learning through language, play and sport.

With an interest in all aspects of the child’s wellbeing: physical, intellectual and emotional, our educational work is found both in the activity lessons with British children during the school year, and with summer camps for international children during holiday time.

Ford Castle welcomes all children to stay, wherever they come from. Our camps are for everyone. We make every effort to make learning a foreign language fun, friendly and relaxed. Therefore, we concentrate on three areas of development:

  • The discovery of community life and cultural exchange through original situations
  • Surpassing oneself by doing unusual sports
  • Building self confidence in a safe and rewarding environment

From breakfast til bedtime, everyone has fun! Children love to have fun, and where better than at Ford Castle, with great teachers and activities to inspire. We encourage everyone to participate and get involved…

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